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Writing Remus/George buttsex fic isn't pathetic...

Not pathetic at all...

Anti-Potterpuffs and the HP fandom in general
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Okay, here's the deal:

  • This is for anyone who thinks seeing those Powerpuff Girls-style Harry Potter icons everywhere they go on Livejournal is annoying. And that the concept of making Harry Potter art drawn Powerpuff Girls style is somewhat retarded, and should have never gotten off the ground, especially when insane people are going to make stuff like this out of it.
  • Furthermore, this is also for anybody who thinks the entire Harry Potter online fandom is fucking insane and crawling with dipshits, pedophiles and mega-nerds who need to get a life.
  • This is NOT an anti-Harry Potter community. I, personally, very much like the books and have read them several times. Though I won't unallow people coming in here saying they hate Harry Potter fans because they hate Harry Potter, this was just created to point out how fucking gay the fans are, not the books themselves.
  • Promoting is allowed, especially your completely-off-topic trendy scenester rating community. We'll interpret your post as an invitation to rape the shit out of your community with goatse and furry porn.
  • Snape kills Dumbledore.
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